When we embrace the truth that we are fully known and fully loved daughters of the King, a beautiful transformation happens in our heart and mind. One that compels us to live with a boldness and authority that can only come from knowing and loving our Maker.

Fully Loved exists to equip and encourage women in their journey of uncovering a deep intimate relationship with God and discovering the beautiful and unique plans that he has for you.

It is one thing to know this truth,
but it whole other thing to live this truth.

What is my purpose? How do I discover my calling?
How do I hear God's voice and direction for my life?

The big questions that we have constantly filling our mind, have their answers found within a relationship with our Heavenly Father, our Maker. He has designed you for a purpose - to bring Him glory. Each of us have a beautiful and unique way of partnering with God to bring Him glory on Earth. 

daughters of the king,
it is time to be unafraid to be fully known and fully loved by the maker.

we are on a mission

to see a generation of women who have a deep & authentic relationship with their Maker, driven by kingdom purpose, transformed by the renewing of your minds and unashamedly carrying His presence into every moment of every day.

Meet the founder.

daughters of the king,
it is time to be unafraid to be fully known and fully loved by the maker.

I'm Eleanor, Hope-filled visionary & founder

I've known Jesus my whole life. But I haven't known the fullness of life that comes with doing life with Jesus my whole life.

Knowing about God is vastly different doing life with God. 

I have experienced the beauty of hearing to the tender voice of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life, and learned the joy of responding to his prompting.

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing other women embrace who they are as a Daughter of the King and live a life with the Holy Spirit.

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